As good a place to start as any

How does one begin a blog out of the blue? People clearly do it at an alarming rate every day, and I am willingly adding myself to those ranks. So, I am going to start with an easy  post about a favorite band of mine. Easy because they lend themselves to review and accolades as a group not making cookie cutter rock/ pop/ indie/ retro/alt-whatever, they sound like themselves, a very difficult thing to do these days. Easy, because while others have written about them to great extent, and their music is available in all the usual places both legal and otherwise, they still fly under the radar.

Please meet The Teenage Prayers. Based in NY by way of the Midwest, they combine disparate loves of rock, and soul and country, and hip hop and even glittering pop, to create deeply textured songs that sound nothing like anything that is out today except that you can pinpoint your favorite within the musical and lyrical references. There’s Solomon Burke, and VU, and The Clarke Sisters, and The Stones, and Nilsson, and masses more. The Prayers have two full length albums True Love Through Better Music, and Everyone Thinks You’re The Best, as well as numerous single and Eps. I’ve chosen a relatively new song to showcase, one that first heard live about 6 months ago, and it stopped me dead with it’s spareness after a set full of their usual songs that sometimes feel like you’ve been leveled by a train. I still felt leveled after hearing “Knoxville”, but in a way I had been wholly unprepared for. It’s creeping and close, and keeps looping you around it’s finger until it drops the string.

Here is “Knoxville”¬† from the spectacular session The Prayers recorded for Daytrotter, as well as a video clip from their recent tour.

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